Nordica Bota Ski Hombre HELL AND BACK H1

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Nordica Bota Ski Hombre HELL AND BACK H1

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The new Nordica Hell & Back H1 is a high energy boot for advanced to expert skiers who are looking for a lightweight boot to slay the slopes with. The new TRIAX Shell is a material that is 20% lighter than traditional plastics, the stiffness is less affected by temperature changes, and is very easy for a skilled bootfitter to work with. A new liner design has better wicking properties than any other Nordica Liner before to keep your feet more comfortable, and dryer. The H1 uses Nordicas Full Shock Eraser Bootboard that has extra cushioning under your foot to absorb the impact of hard landings and skiing as fast as you can down any terrain possible. A Watershield Overlap will prevent any water from leaking into the seams in the shell of the boot. The flex of the H1 can be adjusted with the simple flip of a switch from 110-120 for additional power and rebound. If you are an aggressive skier who wants a boot to be lightweight, easy riding, have some power to it, and have a narrow to medium fit in both the forefoot and shaft of the leg, the Nordica Hell & Back H1 will be a great boot for you.

Lightweight TRIAX Shell
Full Shock Eraser
Watershield Overlap
Best Fits a Medium to Narrow Forefoot and Shaft of the Leg

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