Nordica Bota Ski Mujer Belle Pro 105

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Nordica Bota Ski Mujer Belle Pro 105

Nordica Bota Ski Mujer Belle Pro 105

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Our aggressive testers who like high speeds and the stable ride that comes with a firmer flex were big fans of the Belle Pro 105. It's a real skier's boot that goes everywhere on the mountain with a solid feel on edge and a predictable roll arc-to-arc, regardless of the snow surface. As a bonus, testers say it doesn't sacrifice a warm and cozy fit to get there. They also gave it top marks for on/off ease as well. It's a roomy medium, they say, with an extra bit of space out in front of the toes (no toenail jam here) and throughout the open toebox. Yet it maintains a firm-enough grip on the heel and ankle for good maneuverability in tricky spots. The cuff is tall on the leg and on the upright side of average so makes sense that our taller more aggressive skiers found a comfortable home-base here. Some of our lighter, less aggressive testers said they'd need a little heel lift to feel like they could keep up with the boot.

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