Nordica Bota Ski Mujer N-MOVE 75 W

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Nordica Bota Ski Mujer N-MOVE 75 W

$219.900 CLP


Categoría: NIEVE, Ski, Botas, Mujer

The Nordica N-Move 75 W is a great ski boot for the intermediate skier that has a medium forefoot width and medium size shaft of the leg. A Ski/Walk System will help you maneuver around the base area with a flip of the switch located on the rear spine of the boot. Nordica's Weather Shield does a great job of preventing snow or water from leaking into the boot, so you will ensure that you have dry toes all day on the mountain. High Traction Soles provide you with slip-free walking on ice, concreate, or slippery floors inside the lodge. Nordica's PFP Comfort Fit W Liner has lots of padding and insulation to keep you comfortable and warm as you enjoy your day on the slopes.

Best Fits a Medium Forefoot and Medium Shaft of the Leg
Ski/Walk System
35mm Strap
Weather Shield
Micro Adjustable Aluminum Buckles
High Traction Soles
PFP Comfort Fit W Liner

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