Nordica Bota Ski Mujer NXT N3 W

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Nordica Bota Ski Mujer NXT N3 W

Nordica Bota Ski Mujer NXT N3 W

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Liner and toe box feature Primaloft insulation to boost warmth during cold days on the slopes

Sculpted cuffs and liners are designed to fit a woman's calf to ensure maximum comfort and performance
Updated adjustable Cuff Profile Mechanism creates a neutral standing position, reduces fatigue and boosts comfort
Updated hand-stitched liners are designed for improved comfort and performance with increased toe area box for enhanced circulation and warmth
Specifically engineered throat entry makes the NXT boots some of the easiest ski boots to get on and off your feet
Weather Shield overlap system integrated into the shell prevents water from leaking into the boot
High-traction dual-density soles enhance grip on snowy surfaces
102mm foodbed width

Best Use: Downhill Skiing
Skill Level: Intermediate
Ski Boot Flex: Medium Flex
Flex Index: 85
Liner Material: Primaloft synthetic
Moldable Liner: Thermoformable
Last Width: 102 millimeters

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