Nordica Bota Ski Mujer Sportmachine 75 W

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Nordica Bota Ski Mujer Sportmachine 75 W

Nordica Bota Ski Mujer Sportmachine 75 W

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By boosting confidence and control, the Sportmachine 75W aims to help you become a better skier. Its wider last and softer shell are especially forgiving while its reinforced sole and spine make it easier to initiate turns and transition between them. For a refined fit, its shell and liner can readily be customized. Primaloft® insulation keeps feet warm and dry and a dual entry instep makes it remarkably easy to get in and out of the boot. And to create a more neutral stance that improves balance and reduces fatigue, the boot’s cuff can be fine-tuned to cradle the contours of your leg. With an emphasis on progression, the Sportmachine 75W makes skiing easier—and even more comfortable.

Customization Liner: Yes Oven Customization
Soles: 5355 PU (extra sales kit: WTR Gripwalk, Canted lifters)
Shell: Bimat PP, Easy-Entry Soft Flap, Waterproofing Weathershield
Cuff: Bimat PP (Jr/Wm)
Liner: Precision Fit W Primaloft® (Heat Ready)
Buckles: 2 Micro ALU (Cuff); 2 Micro ALU (Shell) 
Powerstrap: 35mm

Flex: 75
Last: 102
Volume: high

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